The Importance of Motorcycle Safety

Knowing how to be safe with motorcycle training is a must, as well as knowing how to ride safely once you’ve passed your test, especially if you’re new to bike riding. Motorcycle riding is more dangerous than driving a car, although once you start paying attention to the safety side of riding, including the clothing and helmet, it can be safe and arguably more fun. The following tips can help you to be safe while you’re learning to ride, and will reinforce the idea that safety is essential at all times.

Don’t Buy a Bike You Can’t Handle

Today’s bikes have advanced significantly in terms of their performance, and buying a full throttle powerful machine is clearly not a good idea for someone learning to ride a bike. Find a motorcycle that suits you, and start there, whether you are just learning or you haven’t ridden a bike in a long time. Make sure the controls and handlebars are within easy reach, and make sure when you’re seated on the bike, you can rest your feet on the ground. You don’t want to be riding a motorcycle that is too tall for you.

Antilock Brakes

ABS brakes can potentially save your life even if you consider yourself one of the best riders out on the road. In fact, if your bike has antilock brakes, it’s about 37 percent safer than a bike that doesn’t have this type of brake, according to IIHS. A crash leading to serious injuries or even death can result if you ride a bike without ABS brakes, as a result of the loss of steering control if the brakes lock. With antilock brakes, you still have that all important control even in a scenario such as that, and they really can mean the difference between life and death on your bike.

Developing Skills

Even a skilled and experienced rider can learn something new when taking a motorcycle training course, and it isn’t just learner riders that can benefit. Carrying out evasive emergency moves and other advanced riding techniques are taught on these courses, so it isn’t only about mastering the basics. And another advantage of taking an approved rider safety training course is that it can potentially save you money on the cost of your motorcycle insurance. You may also not be required to take the road test or the written part of the test if you have completed this training, and completing training also gives you a credit towards buying a new motorcycle, with some manufacturers.


A fatal head injury is about 40 more likely if you crash when riding your bike without a helmet, according to research, and an injury to the brain is about three times more likely. Clearly a helmet is one of the most important parts of your riding gear. London Motorcycle Training can teach you all you need to know about helmets and everything else safety related.

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