Is Sauber to Become the Audi F1 Team?

With three years until the next Formula One season, is Sauber set to become the Audi F1 team? The German manufacturer confirmed its entry in August, but did not say which cars would use the new hybrid engines. In fact, the biggest secret in the paddock was the identity of the team that was in negotiations with Audi.

The deal will allow Sauber to produce Audi’s F1 car and plan race operations. The German team has been competing in F1 for decades, but has only managed one win. Another German manufacturer, Porsche, is also interested in joining the F1 scene with its own engine. The German automaker had previously been in talks with Red Bull Racing, but this didn’t work out. However, Porsche has not ruled out a partnership with Sauber, and confirmed it is still in talks with other F1 teams.

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