Discovering the World’s Best Riding Destinations

Motorcycle tourism represents a new market segment within leisure travel for an affluent, older demographic. Yet despite its significance there remains little academic research into this form of travel.

However, tourism regions and professionals specializing in motorcycling tourism have begun to address this trend through dedicated routes, accommodation and events.

1. USA

Motorcycles in the United States have long been associated with long, breathtaking rides over winding roads that offer stunning scenery and an exhilarating adrenaline rush. If you’re new to motorcycling or want an adrenaline-charged experience, these classic destinations will fuel your wanderlust and satiate it in spades!

Motorcycling remains an infrequent mode of transport compared to automobiles; nevertheless it has given rise to very specific tourism practices and captured the interest of territories and professionals who had previously disregarded this form of travel. Furthermore, motorcycling offers unique pleasure and culture experiences.

2. Morocco

Morocco’s breathtaking roads transport travelers out of the dry desert terrain and across The Rif Mountains and Middle Atlas. Their asphalt surfaces hug towering cliff walls before passing by lush oasis villages en route.

Harley-Davidson fans typically associate the USA with an idealized vision of American dream; South Africa and Australia present as more manageable challenges; Morocco stands as an image of 18th-century romantic love that Keats and Byron wrote about;

3. South Africa

Morocco evokes an atmosphere of adventure and unparalleled roads for motorcycle enthusiasts from Western nations. Morocco provides limited risks to motorcyclists looking for an accessible wilderness experience that is both affordable and safe.

Capetonians take great pride in their city and often display a superior attitude toward other parts of the country. They value family ties, long-term friendships, social status and provide a vibrant cultural atmosphere as well as stunning natural sites.

4. Australia

Australia is one of the premier motorcycle touring destinations. A nation of stark contrasts, Australia provides ample adventure – from beautiful Rottnest Island beaches to witnessing Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park change colors as the sun goes down over the horizon.

Bike travelers have an unusual demographic profile characterized by specific travel habits and an ongoing camaraderie that has endured over time. On average, they tend to be older individuals with excellent social standing and high incomes.

5. New Zealand

New Zealand offers bikers a spectacular riding experience. From mountain peaks and rainforest, to lush lakes and sandy beaches, it offers everything a biker needs – especially when touring its West Coast road with Paradise Motorcycle Tours to experience its highlights such as Fox and Franz Josef glaciers!

Traveling by motorcycle allows you to get closer to nature while experiencing local culture first-hand, as well as fosters an atmosphere of camaraderie among fellow riders.

6. Argentina

Motorcycle tourists, the journey itself often holds more importance than the destination itself. They prefer small roads over motorways or national routes that may be designated tourist roads.

From Lanin’s icy peaks to lush forests around sparkling lakes, Argentina provides bikers with stunning riding opportunities. Lake District in Northern Patagonia; Buenos Aires; Ushuaia and Iguazu are some of its iconic landmarks; you won’t want to miss them on your itinerary.

7. Chile

Chile boasts an extraordinary landscape composed of volcanoes, lakes, native forests and glaciers, not to mention an abundant cultural legacy.

Motorbike tourism stands out from other forms of tourism with its own distinct identity. Motorcycling tourists have particular habits and ways of experiencing the road as a destination in itself.

Biker tourists tend to be older, well-established in society and with higher incomes; therefore they make for attractive tourists targeted by regions and tourism professionals alike.

8. Peru

Huacachina dunes offer motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to hone their skills on the sand and experience its great German-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

Guided motorcycle tours across Peru are quickly gaining in popularity for all the right reasons. From exploring the Sacred Valley to marveling over Machu Picchu, there is so much to see and experience!

9. India

No other way is there better to experience India than by bike tour. Head out on a motorcycle trip from Manali to Leh and ride over stunning mountain passes surrounded by tranquil lakes; or explore Rann of Kutch where white desert salt sparkles beneath your wheels.

Research about motorcycle tourism is limited, yet this study seeks to delve into its characteristics by looking at one niche market sector and their motivations, travel patterns and behaviors as well as main interests such as nature and culture.

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