AUTO How to Replace Brake Pads on Your Own?

Brake cushions are intended to wear out and should be supplanted after some time. The uplifting news is, you can supplant brake cushions without anyone else’s input dependent upon the accessibility of the circle brakes into your vehicle. In the event that you watch any shrieking sound or strange amount of residue on your front wheels, that is a really decent sign that the cushions are worn and you have to supplant them soon.

How to Supplant Brake Cushions without anyone else?

Fortunately, putting in new brake cushions isn’t an advanced science and with some fundamental instruments you, can effectively introduce them on your vehicle with no specialized help.

From brake cushions to different devices and hardware, practically all vital fundamentals are effectively accessible nowadays. Truth be told, there are numerous China-based discount producers of brake cushions that offer total unit for your benefit.

Instruments Required

Jack and jack stand

Breaker bar


New brake cushions


When you have every one of these instruments convenient, you can promptly begin supplanting the brake stack of your vehicle.

Stage 1: Evacuate Wheels

First of all, leave your vehicle on a leveled surface. Try to loosen up the fasteners before lifting your vehicle. With the assistance of a jack, raise your vehicle and spot jack remain to give firm help to the vehicle. Cautiously expel fasteners and slide the wheel. You can now obviously observe the rotor and the caliper.

Stage 2: Evacuate Harmed Cushions

You need to open the caliper to evacuate harmed cushions. There are two jolts that keep the caliper set up. Attempt to evacuate the lower jolt first and pivot the caliper away from the circles. Cautiously expel the harmed cushions from the brake get together. With the assistance of a C-clip, pack the cylinder and check the rotors for some other harm or wear.

Stage 3: Put in New Brake Cushions

Right now is an ideal opportunity to put in new brake cushions to your vehicle. There is commonly a couple of top and base openings. Spot one tab in the lower score and turn the brake cushion to fix it into spot. Press upper tab into another space. Rehash a similar procedure for inside brake cushions. In specific cases, the state of within and outside cushions are unique. All things considered, try to introduce in a similar way you’ve seen them before expelling.

To upgrade the life and effectiveness of the stopping mechanism, you can likewise apply some ointment to the parts. Abstain from utilizing ointment on the contact surface however.

Stage 4: Close the Caliper

When you have effectively fixed new brake cushions into spot, close the caliper and pivot it back to the ordinary position. Ensure the caliper is superbly arranged. Set up the jolts back and place the wheel on the center point. Fix fasteners by hand and appropriately fix the screws by moving the retrogressive and forward way to restricting nuts.

Expel the jack once the wheel is appropriately dashed on. Make a point to fix the nuts again to the trained torque as prescribed by the maker.

Congratulations! You have effectively changed the brake stack of your vehicle with no expert assistance. Tidy up and store all instruments for sometime later.

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